Germany’s Euro 2024 Base Camp

Germany’s base camp for Euro 2024 is in a small Bavarian village called Herzogenaurach. This village is the headquarters of Adidas, the company that makes Germany’s soccer kits. The camp was designed to bring back the spirit of Germany’s last big victory, the 2014 World Cup.

In 2014, Germany’s base was Campo Bahia in Brazil. It was a secluded resort on an island, only accessible by ferry. This special location helped build team spirit and camaraderie, which contributed to their success.

Now, Germany is hosting the tournament at home, and they chose Herzogenaurach as their base. This village has a strong connection to sports and football in Germany. Oliver Bierhoff, a former team director and Euro 1996 winner, helped develop this base, called the “Home Ground,” with Adidas. Bierhoff said the camp was designed to “awaken a spirit, a determination, a will to win,” just like Campo Bahia did in 2014.

Herzogenaurach is a beautiful town with thatched houses and quiet squares. It has about 20,000 residents. The town is famous because of two brothers, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, who started the Dassler Brothers Shoe Company in 1919. After World War II, they split up and started their own companies. Adolf, known as “Adi,” founded Adidas, and Rudolf started Puma. The feud between the brothers divided the whole town, and people would look at each other’s shoes to see which brand they were wearing before saying hello.

Adidas played a crucial role in Germany’s sports history. In the 1954 World Cup, Germany won the final against Hungary, partly thanks to Adidas’ adjustable-stud boots. Outside the Adidas headquarters, there is a bronze statue of Adi Dassler fixing football boots.

Adidas has been a long-time partner of the German national team. However, in 2024, the German Football Association (DFB) announced a deal with Nike starting in 2027. This decision faced criticism, but Adidas continued to support the team. Adidas CEO Bjorn Gulden said, “No matter what happens in 2027, we’re 100 percent behind the team. We’re fans and you’re family.”

Despite the upcoming change, Adidas has made the Euro 2024 kit a success. The pink-purple away shirt became the team’s best-selling away shirt ever. Adidas also upgraded the training facilities and living quarters at the Home Ground. The camp includes offices for coaches, meeting rooms, a dining room, fitness and regeneration facilities, and a common area with video consoles. The area is heavily guarded and surrounded by high trees to prevent spying.

Players stay in three- or four-bedroom bungalows around a pool. Bayern defender Joshua Kimmich said players are grouped by their positions, and he stays with the other full-backs. The team enjoys their time at the camp, playing games, watching matches, and answering quiz questions about their teammates.

Veteran goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, along with Toni Kroos and Thomas Mueller, are the only three players from the 2014 World Cup-winning squad still on the team. Neuer said, “The team is delighted to be back at Adidas again. Those who have been here longer already know their way around and feel a bit at home.”

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