David Lloyd Criticizes ICC Schedule and India-Pakistan Matches

India and Pakistan have played each other in many ICC events since 2013. They meet in tournaments like the 50-over World Cup, T20 World Cup, and Champions Trophy.

David Lloyd, a former English cricketer, disagrees with the ICC’s decision to always schedule India vs. Pakistan matches. He thinks it takes away from the excitement and fairness of tournament draws.

“It’s not right,” Lloyd said. “We talk about fair scheduling in cricket. This feels fixed. It’s predictable for big events. If they do play each other, it should feel special. Fans look forward to it. You can’t plan that. We should keep some things unpredictable.”

Lloyd also criticized how the 2024 T20 World Cup is organized. He mentioned issues like teams not getting enough rest between matches and inconsistent rules for semi-finals. He pointed out that India gets more day matches to fit Indian TV schedules, which he thinks isn’t fair to other teams.

“It’s unfair,” Lloyd emphasized. “We’re bending the rules for a few. Indian TV viewership is huge, but it shouldn’t affect how the tournament is run. The ICC needs to make it fair for all teams and fans.”

In conclusion, David Lloyd believes that while India-Pakistan matches are exciting, they shouldn’t be scheduled predictably. He thinks the ICC should ensure fair scheduling and rules in tournaments like the T20 World Cup for the benefit of all teams and supporters.

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