Michael Phelps Talks About Problems in Anti-Doping Measures

Main Points

  • Michael Phelps, a famous American swimmer, spoke to a government group on Tuesday.
  • He said that anti-doping rules are not working well, especially with Chinese swimmers.
  • Phelps, along with other athletes, talked about this issue before the House Energy and Commerce Committee.
  • He believes the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is not fixing these problems.

More Details

Michael Phelps, who has won 28 Olympic medals, spoke with other gold medalists Allison Schmitt and Travis Tygart from the US Anti-Doping Agency. They talked to a group of lawmakers about how anti-doping rules are handled by WADA. Phelps said WADA’s efforts to fix problems are not enough, and these issues hurt the fairness of international sports.

Allison Schmitt, who has won 10 Olympic medals, said it’s important to make sure competitions are fair. She wants WADA to be responsible for making sure no one cheats.

Problems with Chinese Swimmers

In April, WADA said that almost 20 Chinese swimmers tested positive for a banned drug called trimetazidine before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. WADA did not attend the hearing but said they are still looking into the matter. WADA didn’t want to talk about it in a political setting and said they are conducting an independent review of how they handled the case.

Reactions from Athletes

Global Athlete, a group led by athletes, wrote a letter saying they don’t trust the anti-doping system after the Chinese swimmers’ case. They said WADA has not answered important questions about how they handled the situation.

Defense from WADA

WADA defended their actions and said they are starting an independent review. China’s anti-doping agency, CHINADA, said the positive tests were due to contamination and the swimmers should not be blamed. China announced its swim team this month.

Concerns from Lawmakers and Athletes

Both Republican and Democratic lawmakers criticized WADA for not handling the case well. They were also unhappy that WADA did not testify at the hearing, especially since WADA received over $3 million from the US government last year. Some lawmakers want the Justice Department and the International Olympic Committee to investigate the case further.

Michael Phelps, in his prepared statement, said he has friends affected by this issue. He emphasized that athletes can no longer trust WADA to enforce rules fairly around the world.

Many people are concerned about how anti-doping rules are applied, especially in international sports. Athletes like Michael Phelps and Allison Schmitt are calling for better and fairer enforcement to ensure that all competitions are honest and fair.

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