Pakistan’s fast bowler, Shaheen Afridi, has expressed his thoughts on his fitness and the excessive focus of media and fans on the highly anticipated World Cup clash against India.

The India-Pakistan match at the 2023 World Cup is set to be held at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on October 15.

While acknowledging the excitement surrounding the India-Pakistan encounter, Afridi believes that the team should not fixate solely on this particular game. Instead, he emphasizes the importance of concentrating on winning the World Cup as a whole.

During an interview with a local TV channel, Afridi stated, “We should refrain from placing all our thoughts and attention on the India versus Pakistan match because it’s just one game. Our focus should be on how we can emerge victorious in the World Cup, and that will be our collective aim as a team.”

Regarding concerns about his fitness, Afridi addressed the issues arising from his previous knee injury. He last played a Test match for Pakistan nearly a year ago against Sri Lanka when he sustained the injury, which kept him out of action for a significant period.

However, Afridi dismissed concerns about his match fitness and confidently declared, “I am completely fit, which is why I’ve returned to the Test team. If I hadn’t been fully match fit, I wouldn’t have been included in the squad. I will be representing Pakistan’s national team, not a club-level team.”

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