Babar Azam and other prominent players within the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) are expressing their discontent as they continue to play without central contracts, and unfortunately, no resolution has been reached yet. The previous contracts had expired on June 30, and now the star players are making strong demands for substantial pay raises, while also seeking the implementation of a new system that caters to their requirements.

According to reports from Cricket Pakistan, the players have not signed any extensions to the existing contracts, and they are eager to hold discussions with Zaka Ashraf, the newly appointed PCB chairman, to address various pressing issues. Although there were discussions of a 45 percent salary increase during Najam Sethi’s tenure as the head of the national cricket body, the players are now demanding more substantial benefits and perks.

Among their requests are pay scales that match those offered by other leading cricket boards, including provisions for family health insurance and education policies. Furthermore, the players are urging the PCB to be transparent and disclose the share they receive from sponsors’ deals. They also want a fair share from the revenue generated through ICC events. Another point of contention is the granting of NOCs (No Objection Certificates) to allow them to participate in other T20 leagues.

In summary, Babar Azam and other top players are voicing their displeasure with the PCB due to the absence of central contracts and are putting forth several demands that encompass better pay, benefits, revenue sharing, and participation in other cricket leagues.

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