former Pakistan cricketer, Mohammad Amir, responded to Haris Rauf’s statement comparing Wahab Riaz and himself as bowlers. During a media conference, Amir expressed his respect for Rauf’s opinion and acknowledged that everyone has their own personal favorites when it comes to cricket.

Amir drew a parallel with his own admiration for the legendary left-arm bowler, Wasim Akram, to emphasize the significance of personal preferences in shaping individuals’ opinions. At 31 years old, Amir highlighted that no matter how many great left-arm bowlers emerge, Wasim Akram will always be his personal favorite. He made it clear that having a personal favorite doesn’t imply a dislike for other talented bowlers. He acknowledged that Wahab Riaz might be Haris Rauf’s preferred bowler, and he saw nothing wrong with that if Rauf’s opinion mattered.

The context for this discussion stems from a local TV talk show where Rauf was asked to compare Wahab Riaz and Mohammad Amir, two prominent pacers from Pakistan. In response, Rauf confidently stated, “Wahab Riaz is better than Mohammad Amir.”

Amir’s comments reflect a mature and sportsmanlike attitude, recognizing that cricket fans and players alike hold different opinions and preferences when it comes to their favorite players. His acceptance of Rauf’s viewpoint demonstrates a healthy respect for individual choices within the sport.

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