Trouble in Pakistan Camp Ahead of T20 World Cup? Babar Azam and Azam Khan’s Controversial Video

As Pakistan prepares for the T20 World Cup, a controversy has erupted involving team captain Babar Azam and teammate Azam Khan. A video that recently went viral has stirred up a significant amount of criticism and concern among fans and cricket analysts.

In the video, Babar Azam jokingly asks Azam Khan if he feels hot, to which Khan responds affirmatively while wiping his sweat with British currency notes. This clip, shared on social media, has been met with backlash due to its perceived insensitivity, especially given Pakistan’s current economic hardships.

The controversy comes at a critical time as Babar Azam has just been reinstated as Pakistan’s white-ball captain, and the team is gearing up for a series against New Zealand ahead of the World Cup.

Fans and analysts have expressed disappointment, calling the behavior unprofessional and mocking the economic struggles faced by many in the country.

Moreover, Azam Khan has also faced severe criticism for his recent performances and fitness levels. He has been under fire for missing crucial catches and failing to perform with the bat in recent matches. This has led to widespread debate about his place in the squad for the upcoming World Cup

While Babar Azam remains a pivotal figure in the team, these controversies could impact team morale and the overall preparation for the World Cup. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has not yet made an official statement regarding the video, but the incident has certainly added to the scrutiny the team faces as they aim for success in the T20 World Cup.

For Pakistan, focusing on their game and maintaining team unity will be crucial in the lead-up to the tournament. Fans hope that the team can overcome these distractions and perform at their best on the world stage.

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